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L&D has office personnel trained to provide estimates based on each specific client's needs.

Offering the most competitive prices in the market without neglecting quality in materials used for the project.

We have the best providers in the market to be able to offer the best prices.

L&D Electric - Pre-construction

New construction

Our new construction services are for Residential and Commercial projects, and the state of Colorado is full of construction companies looking for the most specialized and experienced subcontractors. Over the years L&D has acquired what's needed to obtain these projects.
We have what it takes, experience, capacity, and resources you need.


Renovations are a fundamental part of our field, is where we show our company is up to date with Electrical knowledge, transforming your project to the next level, helping your vision take shape, and becoming the "talk" of the neighborhood, following state guidelines complying with the rules in the most stylish way.

L&D Electric - Remodel

Panel upgrades and small services

L&D does not forget how it has grown over time and serving the customer in general is our commitment. We continue to offer small services and panel upgrades to the newest and most reliable models.

L&D Electric - Panel upgrades and small services